What are opportunity postings?

Opportunity postings are listed live to the online Cause Marketplace© by approved nonprofit organizations and include: corporate sponsorship openings, in-kind supply donations, volunteer opportunities, and other fun ways businesses can give back, engage their employees and share their story on social media.

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What are opportunities and how do approved nonprofits post them to the website?

Opportunity postings are real-time volunteer and funding engagements which are posted by pre-vetted and approved nonprofit members. Opportunity postings are booked and fulfilled by business and professional members of the website. Opportunities vary by type and value and include nonprofit volunteer openings, corporate sponsorship opportunities, in-kind supply requests and monetary funding opportunities. Nonprofit members decide the value of their postings, ranging from $500 - $2,000 each and are allowed four active opportunities posted to their home page, at a time. When an opportunity is booked by a business member, and checked as fulfilled by the recipient member, these members may post another opportunity live to be fulfilled by donors members on the website. Fundraising for a big project or program? Recipient members add special project pages to your account to post multiple opportunities at once, to reach your big-ticket goals.

How do donors on this website search, book and fulfill postings?

By logging into their account, recipient members may add new opportunity postings anytime by selecting the opportunity type they want to post. They simply fill out the page, add their photos, value and other information to post their opportunity live to the Cause Marketplace to be searched, booked and fulfilled by donor members.

Is there a cost for nonprofit organizations to apply and participate?

Yes. Opportunities must be verified and approved for quality and guideline assurance before being published live to the Cause Marketplace to be fulfilled by donor members on the website. There is a $100 listing fee per opportunity posted to the marketplace. Nonprofit members can have their opportunities sponsored by donor members on the website to subsidize this cost for nonprofit members using the website. Opportunities are purchased as digital credits in packages of 12 valued at $1,200/package.

Does this website take contribution of dollars raised?

Unlike other fundraising websites, Cause Activators does not take a percentage of contributions made by members through this program. The approved nonprofit organizations who receive funding and contributions from donor members through this program, take home 100% of the contributions they have earned towards their fulfilled opportunity postings.