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Cause Activators© is the place where community nonprofits connect with businesses who are seeking to activate their workforce and give back to the community.

We make it easy for approved nonprofit organizations to post their funding opportunities live to the Cause Marketplace©, where they can connect with strategic corporate sponsors, in-kind supply donors and qualified volunteers from within the local business community.
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Where Nonprofits Connect With Business Donors

Receive the corporate sponsorships, in-kind supplies and volunteers your group needs most.

This Cause Marketplace© was built just for Nonprofit Organizations like yours.

Unlike other fundraising websites, Cause Activators does not take a percentage of contributions made by members through this program. The approved nonprofit organizations who receive funding and contributions from donor members through this program, take home 100% of the contributions they have earned towards their fulfilled opportunity postings.


Access America's favorite Cause Marketplace© today

Cause Activators© makes it easy to coordinate your contributions and book volunteer engagements directly with the business donors on this website.

Book commitments right from your phone or computer

Fulfill your opportunity postings in-full when business donors connect with you directly to request fulfillment details.

Post your funding opportunities live to the cause-database

Post your corporate sponsorship, in-kind supply donation and volunteer opportunities live to the website to connect with business donors and reach your fundraising goals.

Share your community impact with the world

Built-in goal counters and share widgets make it fun to track, share and promote the impact of your community support and volunteer success stories.

Get your job done quickly and easily using this website

Text alerts, live searches, on-site member messaging and other convenient features make it easy for professionals like you to get your job done and fulfill your objectives.

Tell your story on social media

Our integrated system makes it easy to share the story of your successful community engagements using our collaborative online social media sharing tools.

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